Midnight Alarm by Find App, Inc.

Find App, Inc. is Andrew Zheng (CEO) and Harris Kamran (CTO).

(Andrew is currently interning at Apple, so Harris is taking over for now.)

About the Developers

Andrew Zheng, CEO (Inactive)

Andrew Zheng is an intern at Apple (Photos team), currently the youngest hire. He previously worked for Hyper Online, a Y Combinator company working on AI Avatars, and for Rubio’s Coastal Grill as a Cashier. He is also the developer of Find, an app for organizing photos.

Twitter: @aheze0

Email: aheze@getfind.app

Due to a conflict of interest, Andrew is stepping down from Midnight and handing over the reins to Harris. He will return as CEO after the internship is over.

Other Apps by Andrew:

Find, a new way to explore photos - getfind.app

Harris Kamran, CTO and interim CEO

Harris joined Find App, Inc. as CTO in June 2023. He is the developer of several open-source projects, including Schedules, Ramadan Taskminder, and Nebula New Tab. He is also a maintainer of 2FA Directory, a site that lists services that support 2FA.

Twitter: @hkamran80

Mastodon: @hkamran@vmst.io

Email: hkamran@hkamran.com

Apps by Harris:

Schedules, an app for all bell schedules

Ramadan Taskminder, an app for Muslims in Ramadan

Nebula New Tab, a clean and simple new tab screen