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Midnight looks and feels like the iOS alarm app, but it’s packed with features.

Features over the default alarm app

  • Live activities support

  • Widgets

  • Schedule alarms for later on specific dates, or every day during a range

  • Change the alarm volume independently of your ringtone (e.g. normal volume ringtone and super loud alarm)

  • Time preview - see the time, so you don’t accidentally set alarms for the middle of the night

  • Custom dynamic backgrounds that adjust based on the time

  • Change snooze / dismiss button placement by dragging

  • Custom snooze duration and alarm ring duration

  • Import music from Files

  • Ring every day in a range

  • Light mode support (the default alarm app is dark mode only)

  • New! Wake-up missions - complete mini challenges to turn off the alarm

Features over competing alarm apps

  • Ad-free experience

  • Rings in silent / Do Not Disturb, via Critical Alerts

  • Won’t drain battery (Midnight doesn’t use tricks like playing a silent audio file in the background)

Midnight Pro ($1.49/month or $24.99 one time purchase)

  • Calendar integration

    • Works with google calendar, apple calendar, and custom .ics subscription calendars. Lets you add alarms for your events in one tap - just tap the toggle! Helps you stay on track and never miss a meeting again.

    • You can also create events in the app and it will automatically sync.

  • Weather previews

    • Preview the weather when setting the time. Try dragging horizontally on the time scrubber and you’ll see the weather update dynamically. Data is pulled from Apple’s WeatherKit, so this costs me money to implement

  • Alarm folders

    • Group alarms into folders. One-tap to turn all alarms on or off. Customize your folder’s name and color. To add a folder, hold the plus button.

  • Solar background

    • Beautiful solar graph alarm background. Sunrise and sunset data is accurate and calculated from an algorithm by the United States Naval Observatory.

  • Import from YouTube (WIP, released in the next version).

    • Download music directly from YT.

Upcoming features, released next week

  • Day skip - skip specific days on repeating alarms


  • Why is Midnight Pro a subscription?

    • Hey look I also don’t like subscriptions, but weather data costs money and YouTube import requires running a server. For calendar integration I also need to keep up-to-date with calendar formats, so it’s a constant maintenance job.

    • But if you want to pay once and be done with it, I offer a one-time option for $24.99.

  • Is my alarm guaranteed to ring?

    • Yeah, since midnight uses the Critical Alerts API as designed. No weird hacks here.


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About the Developer

Andrew Zheng is an incoming intern at Apple (Photos team), currently the youngest hire. He previously worked for Hyper Online, a Y Combinator company working on AI Avatars, and for Rubio’s Coastal Grill as a Cashier. He is also the developer of Find, an app for organizing photos.